Bossy Booths Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend booking your Bossy Booth as soon as you finalize your event date and venue.   Keep in mind that custom backdrops, photo templates, wraps, props and theme setups take time to create.  The more time we have to prepare for your event, the more time we have to stretch our creativity ;)




An initial retainer fee of $200 and a signed contract is required to secure your booking.  Your balance will be due two weeks before your event.  

All cancellations must be made via e-mail. Once your event has been cancelled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book.

*Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers.

Cancellation 31 days or more before the event - refund of the full amount of the initial payment and/or other monies paid excluding transaction fees*

Cancellation between 30 - 15 days of the event - refund of any monies paid, excluding the $200 retainer fee and transaction fees*

Cancellation within 14 days of the event - refund of only 50% of the full booking cost excluding transaction fees*.  At this point, it is usually too late for us to get another booking, and so we have lost out.



Yes, we are full service professionals and we can provide you with a certificate of insurance.




  • 8ft x 8ft space with a height clearance of 8ft for backdrop and props  
  • Bossy Booth used as a Selfie Station requires very little space  
  • Wall behind backdrop and a 3-pronged outlet preferably within 20 feet



We recommend setting up indoors because Las Vegas weather can be quite extreme.  If the weather permits, we most definitely can set up outside in a shaded area or under a covering.  We will need a power outlet and a wall for our backdrop nearby. If the heat, rain or high winds become an issue, we will have to protect our equipment and your guests by shutting down.  If there is no available shelter to move to, we will have to cancel the rest of our service with no refund. 



Absolutely!  The only package that does not come with an attendant is the Bossy Drop-Off.  Onsite attendants will set up, operate and pack down Bossy Booths.




We will arrive 30mins-one hour before your event.  We will arrive 30 minutes before your event for Bossy Car Parades and Bossy Booth drop-offs.





If you do not need a live photo booth for a particular hour of your event we offer idle hour pricing.  Please contact us with more information regarding your detailed timeline and we can go over idle hour pricing information.




Yes, for an additional fee you can extend your time.  Please consult with the onsite attendant if you need more time.  The time extension rate on the day of your event is $125 per additional hour.




Absolutely! Launching a new product or having a grand opening?  Bossy Booths are great for brand exposure and social engagement.  Contact us for day rates.



It depends on how big your backdrop is and the type of photo template design you select. On average 1-8 people but possibly more if your guests want to squeeze together.



We use top quality sub-dye thermal printers manufactured by Mitsubishi and DNP.  You will get high quality smudge-free photos in seconds.  You can check out our print quality on instagram @bossybooths_lv.



We offer 4X6 inch prints or 2x6 inch strips.  



Yazzz! Our prints are unlimited. Everyone in the photo gets a print!  




Yes, we send you a link that has all your event media for you to download.  




Digital downloads can be shared via text message, e-mail or airdrop.  Guests can also download their digital files via their live gallery link.



You are more than welcome to provide your own backdrop :) Please take into considerations the lighting.




Yes, we can.  We can accommodate guests of all heights.  Once the height is adjusted it will stay that height for the duration of the event.  




We would love to set up a Bossy Booth for the kids.  Please remind guests that children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult.




Yes! We can think of so many reasons to book two Bossy Booths.  Are you celebrating more than one occasion?  Are you celebrating two people?  Do you want two different theme setups?  Do you want a booth for the children and a booth for the adults?  Maybe you are hosting a corporate event and would like a Bossy Booth in two different locations. Contact us  for more information.




Yes and Yes!  We love customizing photo templates to incorporate your theme or branding.




Yes, we can.  We can create more personalized props for your wedding, corporate logos for a convention or special themed props for your party. Contact us with your ideas.



We sure do.  You will be so happy you purchased a memory book  when you see all your guests' photos and heart warming messages.  We print an extra copy of your guests' photos so that you can relive those moments when you go through your memory book.  Your memory book will come with gel pens and adhesives for your guests to write their messages and attach their photos.

When should I book a Bossy Booth for my event?

Do you require a retainer fee and is it refundable?

Do you have insurance?

What are the space/power requirements?

Can you set up Bossy Booths outside?

Will there be an attendant to help guests?

How early will Bossy Booths arrive to set up?

What if I want the booth to be set up way before the start of my event or if I have a period where I want to stop the use of the booth?

Can we extend our rental time on the day of our event?

Can I rent a Bossy Booth for a 12-24 hour business event?

How many people can fit in a photo?

How is your photo print quality?

What size are your photo prints?

Are the prints really unlimited?

Do you provide digital copies of photos?

How do guests get their digital photos?

Can I provide my own backdrop?

Can you adjust the height of the Bossy Booth?

Can you set up a Bossy Booth for the kids?

Can I book two Bossy Booths?

Can you customize photo templates to match the theme of my event?

Can you customize props for my event?

Do you offer a Memory Book?